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[tlaplus] Directed Graph from Specifying Systems

I tried using the directed graph operator Path from Specifying Systems book, however, I can't figure how to put in a state constraint that will let me use the operator.

Here's the Path spec straight from the book.

Path(G) == \* The set of paths in G, where a path is represented as a sequence of nodes
    {p \in Seq(G.node): /\ p # <<>>
                        /\ \A i \in 1..(Len(p) - 1): <<p[i], p[i+1] \in G.edge>>}

Here's how I am trying to use it in the "evaluate constant _expression_" section

Path([node |-> {1, 2, 3}, edge |-> {<<1, 2>>, <<2, 3>>}])

I get the error

"Attempted to enumerate { x \in S : p(x) } when S:
Seq({1, 2, 3})
is not enumerable"

I tried putting a constraint when trying to use in the TLC model checker, but I still have the issue that Seq(...) is non enumerable.

Has anyone successfully used this Path operator in a Spec? If so, would love any tips on how to make it work. Meanwhile, I have switched to using Giuliano Losa's DiGraph from https://github.com/nano-o/TLA-Library/blob/master/DiGraph.tla which works, but I am curious to know how the non-enumerable Seq(...) problem can be solved when it is invoked from inside an operator.


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