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[tlaplus] TLA+ and C++ templates

I have been thinking about ways to verify C++ templates, and I wonder if TLA+ would be good for this?

I can quite trivially (for example) write a PlusCal spec to verify std::find for a specific input type, but is there a way to explore the state space for all types of data that might be in the array? 

I have the below, which does not initialise the array to be anything, but that seems to default set it to zero. 

-------------------------------- MODULE find  -------------------

EXTENDS Naturals, TLC, Integers


(* --algorithm find 

variables first = 1, last \in 1 ..  n , value, array = [k \in 1 .. n |-> 0],


assert last >= first;

    while first /= last do

        if array[first] = value then


        end if;

       first := first + 1; 

     end while;    

end algorithm *)

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