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[tlaplus] well-founded induction?

Dear all,

I am trying to apply WFInduction to prove the property below. However, I cannot get TLAPS to succeed with any of the solvers.

LEMMA Red_states_have_a_branching_transition_in_splitter == ...
    <2>1. Block(s, blocks) \subseteq States                               BY DEF Block
    <2>2. IsWellFoundedOn(tau_reversed_Transitions, Block(s, blocks))     BY <2>1, IsWellFoundedOnSubset, TransitionsBasic
    <2>3. ASSUME NEW x \in Block(s, blocks),
                 \A y \in SetLessThan(x, tau_reversed_Transitions, Block(s, blocks)) : HasBranchingTransitionInSplitter(y)
          PROVE  HasBranchingTransitionInSplitter(x)
    <2>4. \A x \in Block(s, blocks): HasBranchingTransitionInSplitter(x)  BY ONLY <2>2, <2>3, WFInduction

Do you know what I can try to change it?
Or is it that I need to (re)install something, as I have recently changed to a new laptop?

Kind regards,

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