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[tlaplus] Re: Monospace fonts no longer work on google groups

In my opinion, if you have a question regarding a spec you are writing and you want to ask someone to kindly check what you could be doing wrong, you should push your spec to a GitHub repo - even a throwaway one - and provide a link. That way people can collaborate together by providing comments, creating pull requests etc.

I've always viewed this group as a discussion forum to ask questions and to get help on tooling and the TLA+ language. I don't think any Google Group is a good place to exchange code/specifications.

A Slack workspace for example, would help to avoid sharing code via GitHub, but I am not entirely convinced Slack would be a good fit for the TLA+ community.

Dátum: štvrtok 19. januára 2023, čas: 16:32:14 UTC+1, odosielateľ: andrew...@xxxxxxxxx
This makes specs here considerably harder to read and reduces the value of this place as a support forum. Unsurprising stuff is starting to break. What should we do about this?

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