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[tlaplus] Why same number of TLC distinct states occupys different disk space size

I read from **Specifying Systems** that:

>> In the actual implementation, the nodes of the graph G are not the views of states, but ngerprints of those views. A TLC ngerprint is a 64-bit number generated by a "hashing" function.

According to this I assume that the same number of distinct states should occupy similar disk spaces.

But when I am verifying two raft TLA+ spec using TLC:

1. https://github.com/kikimo/tla-raft/blob/master/Raft.tla
2. https://github.com/kikimo/raft-tlaplus/blob/main/specifications/standard-raft/Raft.tla

I found that for both 4 billions of distinct states, the first spec took about 320G disk space while the second spec took just about 60G disk space. How could this happend?

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