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[tlaplus] Check eventual consistency

I am new to TLA+. I am trying to design a simple eventually consistent counter. 

Elements are added to a set. It could optionally, increment the counter. To ensure, the count becomes eventually consistent, there will be a separate ticker that periodically update the count.

-------------------------- MODULE EventualCounter --------------------------
EXTENDS Naturals,FiniteSets


VARIABLES elements, count, dirty

vars == <<elements, count, dirty>>

Init == /\ elements = {}
        /\ count = 0
        /\ dirty = 0

Add == /\ \E e \in 1..MAX_ELEMENTS:
              /\ e \notin elements
              /\ elements' = elements \union {e}
              /\ dirty' = 1
              /\ \/ count' = count + 1
                 \/ UNCHANGED count

Tick == /\ count' = Cardinality(elements)
        /\ dirty' = 0
        /\ UNCHANGED elements

ConsistencyInvariant == \/ dirty = 1
             \/ (count = Cardinality(elements))
Next == \/ Add
        \/ Tick  

Spec == Init /\ [][Next]_vars /\ WF_vars(Next)


How do I add an invariant or temporal property that confirms the count will be eventually consistent with the real count?

If I simply add count = Cardinality(elements), that would fail after each Add/Insert. To pass the invariant, I added a dirty bit. But the, in this case, even if the Tick is never triggered, the invariant will pass.

What should I do to prove or verify, the count will be eventually consistent?


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