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[tlaplus] How can I define a sequence as part of a record's fields?

From Specifying Systems, I read in section 4.1 that:
"The Sequences module defines the following operators on sequences: 

The set of all sequences of elements of the set S. For example, h3, 7i is an element of Seq(Nat)."

I thought then that I could have a sequence as a field of a record by doing:
MyRec == [
    id: recs,
    seek: Seq(Nat)

but it doesn't work, stating:

Attempted to enumerate a set of the form [l1 : v1, ..., ln : vn],

but can't enumerate the value of the 'seek' field:


(Eventually, I'd like to initialize this record's seek field to be <<>> in the init state, and then use it to track ordered operations.)

I am very new to TLA+, any help would be so appreciated.

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