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[tlaplus] TLC error: <Constant> is an element of the model value <Constant>


I am a TLA+ newbie, and am in the process of writing my first spec. I'm getting this error when I run TLC on the spec.

./tlc -deadlock MCBgpConnectionFsmTwoSpeakers.tla
Computing initial states...
Error: Attempted to check if the value:
is an element of the model value TimerInactiveVal
While working on the initial state:
/\ keepaliveTimers = [S1 |-> TimerInactiveVal, S2 |-> TimerInactiveVal]
/\ speakerStates = [S1 |-> "Idle", S2 |-> "Active"]
/\ holdTimers = [S1 |-> TimerInactiveVal, S2 |-> TimerInactiveVal]
/\ speakerConnectRetryCounters = [S1 |-> 0, S2 |-> 0]
/\ speakerConnectRetryTimers = [S1 |-> TimerInactiveVal, S2 |-> TimerInactiveVal]

Error: TLC was unable to fingerprint.

BgpConnectionFsmTwoSpeakers.tla file:
---- MODULE BgpConnectionFsmTwoSpeakers ----
Specification of the BGP connection FSM (Finite State Machine) for two speakers.
See https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/html/rfc4271#section-8.
EXTENDS Integers

VARIABLES speakerStates, speakerConnectRetryCounters, speakerConnectRetryTimers,
          holdTimers, keepaliveTimers

\* Various grouping of variables.
allVars == <<speakerStates, speakerConnectRetryCounters,
             speakerConnectRetryTimers, holdTimers, keepaliveTimers>>

\* The set of BGP Speakers. Eventually we should test with more than two speakers.
\* We will assume, S1 initiates the connection for simplicity.
\* I.e., this spec does not handle the case where both ends can initiate
\* connections.
Speakers == {"S1", "S2"}        

\* The set of states of the FSM. Eventually, we may want to convert this
\* into a sequence if the ordering is important.
States == {"Idle", "Connect", "Active", "OpenSent", "OpenConfirm",

\* Indicates the amount of time remaining for an active timer to expire.
TimerActiveVals == Nat \union {0}

\* Indicates an inactive timer.
TimerInactiveVal == CHOOSE t: t \notin TimerActiveVals

\* A timer can be active or inactive.
TimerAllVals == TimerActiveVals \union TimerInactiveVal

\* ConnectRetryTime for each speaker.
SpeakerConnectRetryTimes == [speaker \in Speakers |-> 10]

\* Holdtime is common to the session between the two speakers.
HoldTime == 10

\* Keepalive time for each speaker. It's usually set to one-third of
\* the holdtime.
KeepaliveTimes == [speaker \in Speakers |-> HoldTime \div 3]
TypeInvariant ==                      \* Specify constraints on what values
                                      \* each variable can take. In other words,
                                      \* specify type of each variable.
  /\ speakerStates \in [Speakers -> States]
                                      \* speakerStates is a function that
                                      \* maps each Speaker to a value in
                                      \* States.
  /\ speakerConnectRetryCounters \in [Speakers -> Nat \union {0}]
                                      \* speakerConnectRetryCounters is
                                      \* a function that maps each speaker to
                                      \* a valid timer value.
  /\ speakerConnectRetryTimers \in [Speakers -> TimerAllVals]
  /\ holdTimers \in [Speakers -> TimerAllVals]
  /\ keepaliveTimers \in [Speakers -> TimerAllVals]
                                      \* Each of the timers is
                                      \* a function that maps each speaker to
                                      \* a non-negative integer indicating the
                                      \* remaining time for the timer expiry.

Init ==                              
                                      \* The initial predicate
  /\ speakerStates = [S1 |-> "Idle", S2 |-> "Active"]
                                      \* Initial states for each speaker.
                                      \* S1 initiates the connection while
                                      \* S2 waits for an incoming connection
                                      \* That's why S2's state is Active as per
                                      \* https://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc4271.html#section-8.2.2.
  /\ speakerConnectRetryCounters = [speaker \in Speakers |-> 0]
                                      \* Initial value of the connectRetryCounter
                                      \* for each speaker.
  /\ speakerConnectRetryTimers = [speaker \in Speakers |-> TimerInactiveVal]  
  /\ holdTimers = [speaker \in Speakers |-> TimerInactiveVal]
  /\ keepaliveTimers = [speaker \in Speakers |-> TimerInactiveVal]
                                      \* Initialization of various
                                      \* timers for each speaker.

StartS1 ==                          
                                      \* Represents a manual or automatic start Event
                                      \* at S1. Note in this Specification
                                      \* only S1 is allowed to initiate
                                      \* the connection.
  /\ speakerStates["S1"] = "Idle"     \* The state of S2 does not matter.
  /\ speakerConnectRetryCounters' =
                              [speakerConnectRetryCounters EXCEPT !["S1"] = 0]
                                      \* Reset S1's connectRetryCounter.
  /\ speakerConnectRetryTimers' =
                              [speakerConnectRetryTimers EXCEPT !["S1"] =
                                      \* Reset S1's connectRetryTimer.

  /\ speakerStates' = [speakerStates EXCEPT !["S1"] = "Connect"]
                                      \* Move S1 to the Connect state.
  /\ UNCHANGED <<holdTimers, keepaliveTimers>>

Next == StartS1
                                      \* All possible actions of the
                                      \* specification.

Spec == Init /\ [][Next]_allVars
THEOREM Spec => [](TypeInvariant)

MCBgpConnectionFsmTwoSpeakers.tla file:
---- MODULE MCBgpConnectionFsmTwoSpeakers ----
EXTENDS BgpConnectionFsmTwoSpeakers, TLC

MCBgpConnectionFsmTwoSpeakers.cfg file:
CONSTANTS TimerInactiveVal = TimerInactiveVal
INVARIANTS TypeInvariant

Any help will be greatly appreciated...


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