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[tlaplus] Specifying Systems- BoundedFIFO error- Figure 4.2


"The configuration file did not specify the initial state predicate.

Can also be caused by trying to run TLC on a specification from

a module imported with a parameterized INSTANCE statement."

This is my spec, what am I doing wrong? Similar error comes in the FIFO spec lso. I have checked your earlier answer, but that doesn;t seem to provide a solution. I understand the Professor Lamport prefers us to use the Hyperbook, but that gives a lot fo permission errors etc on a mac.

Sorry to trouble you with this-- but since i am new to this I would really appreciate the help.

EXTENDS Naturals, Sequences



ASSUME (N \in Nat) /\ (N > 0 )

Inner(q) == INSTANCE InnerFIFO

BNext(q) == 

            /\ Inner(q)! Next

            /\ Inner(q)! BufReceive => (Len(q) < N )

Spec == \E q: Inner(q)!Init /\ [][BNext(q)]_<<in,out,q>>

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