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[tlaplus] Evaluating an expression of the form t \o s when s is not a string: <<>>

TLC generates this error>

There is also a warning that "writeOutputs"  is never enabled

elsif Blocks[self].state = "processing" then


                while index < Len(Blocks[self].outputs) do

                    Channel := SendMessage(Channel,Blocks[self].outputs[index]);

                    index := index+1;

                end while;

>>> generated TLA code

writeOutputs(self) == /\ pc[self] = "writeOutputs"

                      /\ IF index[self] < Len(Blocks[self].outputs)

                            THEN /\ Channel' = SendMessage(Channel,Blocks[self].outputs[index[self]])

                                 /\ index' = [index EXCEPT ![self] = index[self]+1]

                                 /\ pc' = [pc EXCEPT ![self] = "writeOutputs"]

                            ELSE /\ pc' = [pc EXCEPT ![self] = "end_state"]

                                 /\ UNCHANGED << Channel, index >>

                      /\ UNCHANGED << StateSet, Blocks >>

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