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[tlaplus] Issue enumerating Nat, but I don't see where I'm enumerating the entire set Nat


I'm having an issue running TLC on a model where, so far, I'm just "creating" a somewhat complex record, and not doing much else. Here is one component of the record:

    startDate: Nat
  , endDate: Nat
randomFutureCampaignDetails[details \in CAMPAIGN_DETAILS] ==
  /\ details.startDate \in currentTime..monthsToSeconds[3]
  /\ details.endDate \in (details.startDate+1)..monthsToSeconds[3]

`randomFutureCampaignDetails` is used, indirectly, from `Next`. This results in the following error from TLC

The exception was a java.lang.RuntimeException
: Attempted to enumerate a set of the form [l1 : v1, ..., ln : vn],
but can't enumerate the value of the `startDate' field:

It seems like I have bounded startDate to a finite set in:
details.startDate \in currentTime..monthsToSeconds[3]

Are there any suggestions for debugging this sort of error?

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