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Re: [tlaplus] Question about "Temporal formula is a tautology" in fairness

> One more question, you say "When I comment out this useless fairness condition, TLC throws an exception that appears to indicate that some internal tables become too big.". I also encounter the problem, and I want to know what is meant by "some internal tables become too big". Does it mean that some data structures in TLC can not support the size of the action in the `Next`?

It's not the next-state relation that's the problem but the fairness conditions: TLC has to monitor for each fairness condition at which state the underlying action is enabled and which transitions correspond to the action being taken. I do not know how TLC represents this information, but apparently it is not meant to handle a lot of fairness conditions (remember that you have to multiply the RM actions by the number of resource managers in the model).


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