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[tlaplus] Checking reachability


I'm trying to show that every value can be chosen in a Paxos like setting.

Following the approach here: https://groups.google.com/g/tlaplus/c/A58EEr7YWGg
I've tried the following properties.

Values == {1,2}

Prop_1  ==  [](~Chosen(1))
Prop_2  ==  [](~Chosen(2))

Prop_n1 == ~[](~Chosen(1))
Prop_n2 == ~[](~Chosen(2))

With all of them being set in the PROPERTIES field in the config.

In testing both Prop_1 and Prop_2 produce counterexamples as expected.

However both Prop_n1 and Prop_n2 also produces counterexamples.

Why is this since I'd expect that if Prop_1 and Prop_2 are false (ie produce a counter-example) then negating them should be true?



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