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[tlaplus] Toolkit on Windows 11, Files on Ubuntu under WSL 2

Windows 11, WSL 2

I was having difficulties opening specs stored on an Ubuntu drive.

Turned out the problem was \\wsl$ and \\wsl.localhost needed to be \\WSL.LOCALHOST

There were also issues with [Delete Me] specs showing up when I got it wrong, but not showing up in Spec Explorer. It took a 2nd attempt to create the spec and getting the “there’s already one here with [Delete Me]” error for it to show up in Spec Explorer. Deleting it then allowed me to try another permutation of \\xyzzy

Looks like something is case sensitive and something else is not case sensitive.

Looks like something is getting messed up by the symbolic link (or whatever) \\wsl$

Things are now working.

Toolbox version

Steve Glaser

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