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[tlaplus] TLC bug or TLA+ subtlety?

Take the following spec:


vars == <<x, y>>

Init ==
  /\ x = FALSE
  /\ y = FALSE

Next ==
  /\ x' \in BOOLEAN
  /\ y' = (x \/ x')

Spec == /\ Init /\ [][Next]_vars

This checks with 7 states generated. Now remove the parenthesis in Next, giving

Next ==
  /\ x' \in BOOLEAN
  /\ y' = x \/ x'

This now fails, with a not fully specified successor state:

State 2: <Next line 11, col 3 to line 12, col 17 of module problem>
/\ x = TRUE
/\ y = null

This seems to me like a bug with TLC, but I wanted to check if the two Nexts aren't actually different semantically, and if so, what makes them different.


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