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[tlaplus] Question about BlockingQueue tutorial step 16


First thanks Markus Kuppe for the BlockingQueue tutorial.

I have a question about what happens to IInv at step 16. I do not understand how adding the
2 conjuncts make the spec pass.

Checking the model with

IInv == /\ TypeInv
        /\ Invariant

fails with :

> Error: Invariant IInv is violated.

How can adding the two conjuncts make IInv true for all states if TypeInv or
Invariant is false in some state ?

IInv == /\ TypeInv
        /\ Invariant
        /\ buffer = <<>> => \E p \in Producers : p \notin waitSet
        /\ Len(buffer) = BufCapacity => \E c \in Consumers : c \notin waitSet

> Pass.

Thanks !

Greg Z.

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