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[tlaplus] Checking Invariants vs Properties


I'm playing around with the TLA Toolbox and I have a spec that I'm debugging.
Let's say I have a behavior that for each state var1 temporal variable is incremented by 1.
In order to see some traces, I'm forcing an making an Invariant (in Model / What to check?) like this to fail

var1 = 3 => FALSE

All is ok, it fails when a behavior that has a state where var1 is 3 and I can see the behavior.

Now, I expected to see the same thing happening when I've added the following formula as a Property 

[][var1 = 3 => FALSE]_vars

Now I run TLC and I get no error.
The strangest thing is, if I set in the above temporal formula var1 = 2, the value of a previous state in the behavior of interest, the Property fails as expected. It seems that [] (always), does not check the last state of the behavior...

I'm sure I'm wrong, but it drives me crazy.  

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