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[tlaplus] Re: action never enabled

 Sorry, I mistyped.  Indeed my spec is already:

Spec == Init /\ [][Next]_vars

On Friday, December 24, 2021 at 1:53:59 PM UTC-8 jone...@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

From your example, it seems Spec should be: Init /\ [][Next]_vars, assuming vars is already a tuple/sequence. I am not sure if that solves your problem, though.


On Friday, 24 December 2021 at 13:59:20 UTC-3 jetti...@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

TLA+ newbie here with what is probably a newbie-ish question.  I'll describe it abstractly with actions A and B.   My spec has the form:

Next == A \/ B
Spec == Init /\ []Next_<<vars>>

When I run TLC I get a warning "B is never enabled".  If I change the ordering in Next to:

Next == B \/ A

I get the warning "A is never enabled."  Am I missing something obvious about disjunction?

Thanks for any insights in advance!

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