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[tlaplus] Video Tutorial (Request for Feedback)


I recorded a tutorial using TLA+ and the dump dot feature as a means to sketch simple designs.


During the iteration of the design I disable deadlock detection (with a justification), but I am suspicious of my reasoning: https://youtu.be/alyqcphUaiI?t=1260

The specification I used is here: https://github.com/JeremyLWright/specs/blob/master/algorithm/SodaMachine/SodaMachine.tla

I feel there is probably a better method to continue checking temporal properties instead of disabling deadlock detection. If someone has the time I'd appreciate any feedback.

Finally, this was a fun process sketching the spec, then recording the video. I'd like to make more. If anyone has ideas that would be interesting I'd happily considering doing a similar video tutorial.


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