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[tlaplus] How to prove RealInv' in the example "BubbleSort" ?

I'm new in tlaps and trying to finish the example BubbleSort.tla[1]. But the attempt was invalid
I have no idea on it, and whether I handled it in a disorderly way? How to prove RealInv' in the example "BubbleSort" ?

My approach to this is as follows: (of course, this is predictably not working)

<2>2. RealInv'
    <3>1. CASE pc = "Lbl_1"
       BY DEF TypeOK, RealInv, Lbl_1,
              Lbl_2, IsSortedTo,IsSorted,IsSortedFromTo, IsPermOf, Perms, **
    <3>2. CASE pc = "Lbl_2"
    <3>3. CASE pc = "Done"
        BY IsPermOfExchange DEF TypeOK, RealInv, Lbl_1, Lbl_2,IsSortedTo,
                 IsSorted,IsSortedFromTo, IsPermOf, Perms, **
    <3>4. QED
        BY <3>1,<3>2,<3>3 DEF TypeOK, RealInv, Lbl_1, Lbl_2 


[1] https://github.com/tlaplus/tlapm/blob/master/examples/BubbleSort.tla

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