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Re: [tlaplus] Flattening a tuple of tuples

On 6/30/21 8:55 AM, Hillel Wayne wrote:
From the community modules we have FoldLeft <https://github.com/tlaplus/CommunityModules/blob/master/modules/SequencesExt.tla>. Then we can write flatten as

Flatten(seq) == FoldLeft(LAMBDA x, y: x \o y, <<>>, seq)

As an old school, more readable recursive function:

EXTENDS Naturals, Sequences

Flatten(seq) ==
   LET F[ i \in 0..Len(seq)] == \* 0 to handle seq=<<>>
      IF i = 0
      THEN <<>>
      ELSE F[i-1] \o seq[i]
   IN F[Len(seq)]

It's likely faster for TLC to evaluate until at least Folds!MapThenFoldSet gets a module override.


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