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[tlaplus] ripetitive incorrect send

Hi, i have two processes with in the body a while true an inside that a part of the code is the following:


                await data # "null" /\ componentState[self]="processing";

                either \* correct transmission


                    intermediateQueue := intermediateQueue \union {data};


                or \* transmission error



                    goto transmissionToKafka;

                end either;

checking that the messages are correctly trnasmitted from an initial set to a second set (intermediateQueue) TLC gives me error with the following trace:


1 -> transmissionToKafka

2 -> transmissionToKafka

step +1 pc:

1 -> incorrectSend

2 -> transmissionToKafka

step+1 pc:

1 -> transmissionToKafka

2 -> transmissionToKafka

step+1 pc:

1 -> transmissionToKaka

2 -> incorrectSend 

return to the initial state

shouldn't this problem be solved using strong fairness of the processes? I defined my processes as fair+ but the problem persists

could someone help? thanks

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