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Re: [tlaplus] Re: SANY debugging mode

On 29.04.21 12:26, Andrew Helwer wrote:
  * dot don't know what this does, doesn't seem to print anything when used

Assuming a spec A.tla in $CWD,

      java -cp /path/to/tla2tools.jar tla2sany.SANY -d A.tla dot

creates a file A.dot that contains A's AST in GraphViz notation.

To include line numbers in A.dot, do:

java -Dtla2sany.explorer.DotExplorerVisitor.includeLineNumbers=true -cp /path/to/tla2tools.jar tla2sany.SANY -d A.tla dot

xdot is a lightweight tool to render A.dot.


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