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[tlaplus] Error(s) from running the Trace Explorer

Dear all,

I am trying to visualize the error trace by following Issue #267: Self-referential error trace exploration: _TEPosition and _TETrace operators.

However when I put the following into the "Error-Trace Exploration" and start "Explore". 
"Host == LET n == _TEPosition
        IN IF n = 1 
           THEN "Init"
           ELSE LET this == _TETrace[n].pc
                    prev == _TETrace[n - 1].pc
                IN CHOOSE p \in DOMAIN prev : prev[p] # this[p]"

The toolbox throws the following error:
"Error(s) from running the Trace Explorer:
Java ran out of memory.  Running Java with a larger memory allocation
pool (heap) may fix this.  But it won't help if some state has an enormous
number of successor states, or if TLC must compute the value of a huge set."

On another machine, I have another error message which says that 
"An internal error occurred during: "Exploring the trace...".
GC overhead limit exceeded"

Based on my understanding of "Error-Trace Exploration", it just evaluates the new _expression_ at each step in the error trace, so it should not have a big overhead, right?

I have attached the MC_TE.out and TE.tla. I do not quite understand the purpose of those generated files by the toolbox. Please let me know if more files are needed.

Thanks in advance!


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