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[tlaplus] Proving refinement for specs with fairness properties


I would like to ask, if the current TLAPS can handle fairness properties when proving a refinement of specs containing liveness conditions. Maybe there is some special approach about that? Bellow I try to provide only relevant parts of the spec just to keep the mail short. If needed, I can share the specs.

Excerpt of the abstract spec:

    Spec == Init /\ [][Next]_sstate /\ WF_sstate(Next)

Excerpt from the refining spec:

    Live == WF_vars(Next)
    Spec == Init /\ [][Next]_vars /\ Live

Here is the refinement mapping:

    rmap == [ s \in S |-> sessions[s] = "ready" ]
    A0 == INSTANCE Abstract WITH SID <- S, sstate <- rmap

For now, I have proved the Init and the Next conjuncts for the refinement and added the following for the liveness part.

    <1>3. Live => (WF_(rmap) (A0!Next)) OMITTED

I wonder, if I can do something more about that, considering the current TLAPS limitations with temporal operators.

Karolis Petrauskas

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