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Re: [tlaplus] Ad-Hoc distributed issues

On 22.03.21 12:52, Shriphani Palakodety wrote:

I'm trying to get the distributed TLC setup running from the official tutorial here: https://tla.msr-inria.inria.fr/tlatoolbox/doc/model/distributed-mode.html

On my master node, I started TLAPlus, chose the FourQueens spec, picked Ad-hoc mode and it enters the waiting for workers stage.

On the slave node, I ran through the instructions. The output suggests it reads a few .tla files from /tmp, does semantic processing for the modules, and then fails because it can't connect to host - everything is open (i.e. master allows incoming tcp from everywhere). I've posted a full trace below.

Any help would be appreciated.


communication runs in all directions, i.e., the master node will also connect to workers, and workers connect each other. Please make sure that your network setup and firewall rules allow incoming connections on all nodes. If the above doesn't address your issue, please include the mapping from nodes to IP addresses in your follow-up message.


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