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[tlaplus] How to append to a chain?

Hi to all, 

I'm trying to add blocks from a CONSTANT BLOCKS to a chain of blocks. 
Here is how I wrote it:

-------------------------------- MODULE Chain -------------------
EXTENDS Sequences

CONSTANT BLOCKS \* The set of blocks
VARIABLE chain, bState \* bState[b] is the state of block b.

TypeOK == bState \in [BLOCKS -> {"ADDED", "NOTADDED"}]

Init == /\ bState = [b \in BLOCKS |-> "NOTADDED"]
        /\ chain = {"genesis"}

canAdd == \A b \in BLOCKS : bState[b] \in {"NOTADDED"}

notAdded == \A b \in BLOCKS : bState[b] # "ADDED"

Add(b) == /\ bState[b] = "NOTADDED"
          /\ canAdd
          /\ chain' = Append(chain, ?)
          /\ bState' = [bState EXCEPT ![b] = "ADDED"]
Next == \E b \in BLOCKS : Add(b)

I don't know what I should put in the Append statement. 
I appreciate your help.


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