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Howto install EGit into Toolbox (was Re: [tlaplus] Version control for models?)

On 08.01.21 08:53, steve....@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Next question. I'd like to use the Eclipse plugins for version control. I can't see how to add the git plugin to the Toolbox and I'm too #lazyweb to figure out how to add the Toolbox to a standard Eclipse installation. Can someone help me with a link?

Adding the Toolbox to a standard Eclipse installation will most likely not work because of how the Toolbox is implemented.

This is how to install EGit into the Toolbox version 1.7.1:

1) Close the Toolbox
2) In the Toolbox directory:

./toolbox -nosplash -application org.eclipse.equinox.p2.director -repository https://download.eclipse.org/releases/2020-06/202006171000 -installIU org.eclipse.egit.feature.group -roaming

3) Launch the Toolbox like you would normally do
4) Open "Find Action" by pressing Ctrl+3 and type "git" to access the EGit views

Note that this does *not* work if your Toolbox on Linux has been installed from the .deb file.


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