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[tlaplus] Question: Given a system where an input can be any int, how can you describe it with TLA+ in a way that TLC can check?

I first asked this question on Reddit, https://www.reddit.com/r/tlaplus/comments/kc75n0/given_a_system_where_an_input_can_be_any_int_how/, but figured this was a better place to ask. I'll copy/paste my post & question here to save y'all from having to click that link:

Given a system where an input can be any int, how can you describe it with TLA+ in a way that TLC can check?

Btw, extreme noob here. Started Hillel Wayne's book. Saw this https://www.learntla.com/introduction/example/

    If we actually wanted to test all possible cases, we could replace money \in 1..20 with money \in Nat, where Nat is the set of natural numbers. This is perfectly valid TLA+. Unfortunately, it’s also something the model checker can’t handle. TLC can only check a subset of TLA+, and infinite sets aren’t part of that.

And this TLA+ started as a notation, and the model checker, TLC, only came out 5 years later. As it was never intended to be run, there’s some assumptions of it being a read document instead of being runnable code.

So I kinda get it, the mathematical proof of "All natural numbers" isn't computable. However, I am first a computer scientist and second,,, well not even second. And thirdly a (wannabe) mathematician. So the fact that Nat is not a finite number. To put it in the language of mathematics, this is the finite set of the values of all valid ints: GF(1)32. (On a 32-bit system, that is).

So should I write something like \in 0..4294967296 or \in -2147483648..2147483647 everywhere in my code? That's not reasonable. Unless TLA+ does something fancy with efficiency (something inductive, to prove that the remaining values follow from prior cases), then I am wrong to want to test all integers.

But then... what's the point of a spec that isn't exhaustive? Can someone help explain?


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