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[tlaplus] Does WF and SF statements applicable in distributed Mode?

Dear all

From ToolBox help, we can get that when run  in distributed mode, TLC cannot check liveness properties. 

For my spec, I just check the invariants for each states instead of liveness properties
for every possible behavior.

 But I also need to add  Weak Fairness statements for sevral key actions to make sure
 they will  eventaully always enabled. 

TCFSFairSpec == TCFSSpec /\  WF_vars(TCFSClientNext) /\  WF_vars(Server_Down) /\ WF_vars(Server_Reboot)

Because according to TLA+'s grammar,  WF and SF statements are  also some kind of liveness expressions, so I wonder if they can work properly as in stand-alone mode?

Thanks in advance


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