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[tlaplus] Assign incremental IDs to sets of functions

I have a very simple initialization for a function as follows:

sampleTableINIT ==
        sampleTable = [person \in group |-> 
                status |-> "Active",
                divisions |-> {[assignedDivision |-> division] : division \in getDivisions(person)} 

Here is a sample result from the definition:

[Sam :> [status |-> "Active", divisions |-> { [assignedDivision |-> "Sales"]]  
[Mary :> [status |-> "Active", divisions |-> { [assignedDivision |-> "Sales"], [assignedDivision |-> "CS" }]

What I'd like to accomplish is simple: Per person entry, I'd like to assign an ID per division. The result below is what I want:

[Sam :> [status |-> "Active", divisions |-> { [id |-> 1, assignedDivision |-> "Sales"]]    
[Mary :> [status |-> "Active", divisions |-> { [id |-> 1, assignedDivision |-> "Sales"], [id |-> 2, assignedDivision |-> "CS" }]  

Order on ID assignment does not matter. Is there an easy way to do this rather than mutating the function in a future state?

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