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Re: [tlaplus] n-ary Cartesian product

On 20.10.20 05:09, Mariusz Ryndzionek wrote:
> Regarding overriding in Java, is it recommended only for to performance
> reasons?

Hi Mariusz,

indeed, Java module overwrites are just a performance optimization for TLC.

Almost all standard modules (Sequences, FiniteSets, ...) and some of the
CommunityModules [1] come with overwrites. The benchmark at [2] gives an
intuition of a realistic performance increase^1. Use engineering
judgment to decide if the performance boost warrants the additional


[1] https://github.com/tlaplus/CommunityModules/tree/master/modules

"aNoModuleOverwrite" == baseline with no overwrite
"bModuleOverwrite" == direct translation of TLA+ operator into Java code
"cModuleOverwriteLinear" == Human being clever about the translation

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