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Re: [tlaplus] "Final" action to check hyperproperties ?

Cool! I've tested it, and it works.

I've added automatic test for 'transactions ever confirmed in some execution path' hyperproperty to the 'succint atomic swap' spec: https://github.com/dgpv/SASwap_TLAplus_spec/blob/38ad074db8a19aa6bf06cbe4a1420fd828a49232/HyperProperties.tla#L51

In the diff you linked to, I see some calls to TLCGet with string arguments. Do I understand correctly that the string arguments to TLCGet/TLCSet reserved only for internal values like number of states, and for ordinary use, integer slot numbers should be used ?

вторник, 2 июня 2020 г., 5:50:31 UTC+5 пользователь Markus Alexander Kuppe написал:
TLC's most recent nightly build [1] has experimental support [2] for
your request (has to be refactored if this feature proves useful).  The
test case [3] shows how to configure TLC to make use of the feature.


[1] http://nightly.tlapl.us/

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