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[tlaplus] Q on auxiliary vars again

Hello all

The question is on TLA + axiliary variables again

on the p. 52 it is stated that
Thus, a read need never terminate, so the algorithm does not satisfy the liveness requirement of a snapshot algorithm namely, it does not satisfy the weak fairness requirement of the DoOp(i ) action
for a reader i .

Is it correct? or it meant the weak fairness requirement of the EndOp(i)?

On p. 55

"...Let F be the formula obtained from a formula F of module LinearSnapshot by replacing mem with mem and istate with istate..."

then "..The behavior satis fies SSpecL, so this sequence of actions must start with a BeginRd(i ) step, contain a DoRd(i ) step, and end with an EndRd(i ) step." But there are no formulas BeginRd(i ),

DoRd(i ) and EndRd(i) in SSpecL (LinearSnapshot )...Am not i right?


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