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[tlaplus] Are there any tools to convert ASTs in JSON / XML / S-expressions / etc. formats to TLA+?

Dear all,

I'm writing a compiler from a language based on System F (enhanced with imperative constructions) into TLA+
and would like to know my options except generating target code in the form of `.tla` files.
I have TLA-like target AST and would like to serialize it using a common exchange format that could be processed
by an existing converter into TLA+.

The compiler is being written in OCaml because I have all the tooling for the source language written in OCaml.

Any suggestions are welcome!

Thank you in advance,
Anton Trunov

PS x-posted on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/tlaplus/comments/fwniyc/does_tla_have_tools_to_process_inputs_in_the_json/

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