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[tlaplus] Re: "Uknown Operator" in refinement mapping


This sounds like a potentially a parsing bug; could you provide a fully contained MODULE file in which this is reproducible?

Thanks - loki

On Monday, April 6, 2020 at 3:57:33 AM UTC-7, Åsmund Kløvstad wrote:

I am working on a refinement mapping and getting an error I do not understand.

I'm attempting to show that SOSpec implements the spec hashmap and I've got the following in the module that contains SOspec:

(*Split-order spec        *)
SOSpec == SOInit /\ [][SONext]_<<keys, list, buckets, size, count>>

(*A refinement mapping of the hashmap spec with the map defined by the SOFind action*)
HashmapSpec == INSTANCE hashmap WITH map <- [k \in PossibleKeys |-> SOFind(k)]

(*Split-order implements hashmap*)
 THEOREM SOSpec => HashmapSpec!SOSpec

The toolbox is giving me the error "Unknown Operator: SOSpec" after the bang on the last line. (And the same error if I try to check the property `HashmapSpec!SOSpec` with TLC)

It seems to me like SOSpec is very clearly defined a few lines earlier, so what does this error mean?

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