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[tlaplus] Re: Init formula does not work

Hi. Thanks a lot. I guessed something like this, now it is much more clear.

четверг, 19 марта 2020 г., 14:35:50 UTC+4 пользователь Alex Tim написал:
Hello all!

I've just started learning TLA+ with the well-known video course.

Can someone please explain why the formula (used as init predicate):

TCInit == \A r \in RM : rmState[r] = "working" 

induces an exception in TLC:

In evaluation, the identifier rmState is either undefined or not an operator.
line 16, col 25 to line 16, col 31 of module TCommit

while this one

CInit == rmState = [r \in RM |-> "working"]

works fine

Thanks in advance.

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