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Re: [tlaplus] small bug in TLC gui

On 25.02.20 14:15, david streader wrote:
> Hi 
>    On the TLC model overview page:
>   1. You can instantiate the parameters (CONSTANTS)  initially the
> screen is white text on grey background but when you change the type 
> (Model value -> Ordinary assignment, .... or what ever) the screen is
> the unhelpful white text on white background.
>   2. Not sure if this is a bug or restriction we need to work with:
>        From ABSpec "Inv == AVar[2]= BVar[2] => (AVar = Bvar)"  but Inv
> is not recognised as an Invariant whereas the right hand side is.
>        I previously noticed that in a definition I could not use any
> previous definitions.

Hi David,

what is your environment/OS?


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