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[tlaplus] Re: Question regarding Two Phase Commit spec and the enabling condition of one of its definitions

When writing specs, should UNCHANGED <<>> condition be applied to all variables which have not been explicitly changed? Should we apply UNCHANGED to all such variables by default or should it be used when UNCHANGED has a strong significance in the context of the definition?

You always have to specify what next state of each variable is going to be.

  /\ UNCHANGED <<tmState, tmPrepared, msgs>>

is shorthand for

  /\ tmState' = tmState
  /\ tmPrepared' = tmPrepared
  /\ msgs' = msgs

If you comment out UNCHANGED <<...>> part, you get following error.

Successor state is not completely specified by action RMChooseToAbort of the next-state relation. The following variables are not assigned: msgs, tmPrepared, tmState.

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