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[tlaplus] Understanding simulation mode

Hi there,

I'm learning and experimenting with TLA+. I'm now curious to play with simulation mode. To my understanding, it should be useful to explore a random trace in large models to see, among other things, if the model behave as expected.

I wrote a fair simple model (see below) where I can easily assume the expected behaviour. When I run the model checker, it quickly finish without errors finding ~ 200K states (80K distinct).

Then, when I run the simulation mode, it seems to never finish, and after a while it finds hundred of million of states, and counting. I've also tried reducing the depth to a small number (like 5).

What I'm missing? 


---- MODULE simulation ----

CONSTANT Controllers, NULL

(*--algorithm labels1
    status = "ready",
    requester = NULL,
    counter = [c \in Controllers |-> 0];

process controller \in Controllers
        while TRUE do
            await status = "ready";
            requester := self;
            status := "request";
        end while;
end process;

process executer = "Executer"
        await status = "request";
        counter[requester] := (counter[requester] + 1) % 10; \* to limit a little the number of states
        status := "ready";
        goto Execute;
end process;

end algorithm; *)

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