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[tlaplus] New blog series: TLA+ for startups

Hey folks,

I've started a new blog series that attempts to advocate for using TLA+ in smaller teams and startup environments. I am, in fact, trying to demystify TLA+ for my own team, and in the process help others in a similar position do the same.

As I'm new to TLA+ myself, I decided to try to illustrate my point by walking through a superficially simple system concept (elevator control software), which I think will actually get fiendishly complex quite quickly as it is expanded. Elevator control software is not what we do as a team, but I wanted to use an example that anyone could relate to.

I've done two posts so far, starting here: https://medium.com/koodoo/tla-for-startups-part-1-8b162863824b

I'd very much welcome feedback from the community on a) whether you think I'm onto something with my core hypothesis, or on a complete hiding to nothing; and b) how it could be improved. In particular, as a relative newcomer, I'm quite sure I will have used some of the wrong terminology, made some dumb choices, or explained something incorrectly. I would be very much open to corrections and suggestions!

Next up in the series, I'm going to attempt to create a useful temporal formula for my elevator's behaviours. Wish me luck...



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