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Re: [tlaplus] [Beginner][Help with debug]Getting deadlock report and don't understand why

On 27.11.19 07:48, Lev Broido wrote:
> Hi
> I'm trying to implement algorithm to find loops in graph .
> Graph is defined as adjacency matrix or function of [1..Dim,1..Dim ->
> {0,1}] where matrix[x,y] = 1 is existence of edge from vertex x to vertex y
> Each transition is defined with an respective operator concerning
> current and next states of each variable
> For some reason , I'm getting 'deadlock reached' report and I don't
> understand why ?
> My understanding from error trace is for some reason
> 'checkArcToBeginning' was not enabled . But I'm not sure how to advance
> from here
> Thanks in advance for help
> Lev

Hi Lev,

please also share your loop_utils module.


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