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[tlaplus] Re: TLA+ toolbox Translate plusCalc result Parse failed


在 2019年11月19日星期二 UTC+8上午12:57:43,陈云星写道:
I am trying to use TLA+ write spec to verify concurrency correctness of my production problem:

one producer produce msg to Q a,
  if it found no more consumer was scheduled. it schedule one consumer by send a notifyMsg to nofityQ b,
multiple consumers poll the notifyQ and consume the Q a to consume the msg.

each consumer will consume batch of msgs, then sleep and retry to pull notifyQ b.

to promise only one consumer process the Q a at any time point. the producer and consumer must make sure exactly one NotifyMsg send to notifyQ b.

there are third type Thread, IdleHandler, check the Q a is empty more than some time, it try to release the Q for release memory hold by this Queue.

thesis three type of thread concurrently working:
1. one producer thread
2. many consumer thread
3. one idleHandler thread

the following spec will translated, but after translated, parse failed with error Msg:

***Parse Error***

Encountered "Beginning of definition" at line 229, column 38 in module TableQueueVerify

ExtendableExpr starting at line 229, column 24.

_expression_ starting at line 229, column 24.

IF THEN ELSE starting at line 229, column 21.

_expression_ starting at line 229, column 21.

SPEC FILE is : https://justpaste.it/39pru

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