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[tlaplus] Embedding TLA typeset rules in a Latex document


    I have been trying to embed TLA typeset formulas in a Latex document. I have gone through the instructions for downloading and installing the tools at https://lamport.azurewebsites.net/tla/standalone-tools.html?back-link=tools.html#tlatex?unhideBut@EQhide-tlatex@AMPunhideDiv@EQtlatex 

     I am using Windows.  The instructions in the page includes the following - 
                                                   "Let's suppose that your folder is  c:\user\myfolder .   This will create a subfolder of  myfolder  named  tla  that has three subfolders, each containing one of the tools.  You must then add  c:\user\myfolder\tla  to your CLASSPATH variable.

     However, after extracting thetla2tools.jar file, instead of a folder named tla with three subfolders, three separate folders for each tool called tla2sany, tla2tex and tlc2 were created, along with some other folders.

  I tried adding tla2latex to my CLASSPATH and then running the following in the directory where my tex file is present (as described in https://lamport.azurewebsites.net/tla/texinfo.txt):
java tla2tex.TeX My_file.tex

I also tried the above by adding the tla2latex folder to my Path variable in windows.

However, it seems that the tla2tex folder does not have any class named tla2tex.TeX.

I will appreciate any help regarding this. If there is some other way to embed tla+ into a latex document, that will be helpful as well.


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