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[tlaplus] About ordinary assignment

Hello, I  need to check temporal  properties in my spec and the picture below is the input constant value.  I heard that we'd better not use symmetry set  for such scenario.   

But I am really confused, what's the result of ordinary assignment below instead of choose Model value? 

Terminal == <>[] ( \A cli \in SRVLET
                                   /\ CliState[cli] = "work"
                                   /\ CliRegState[cli] = "online"
                                   /\ (\A m \in CliSubedCache[cli] : m \in CliSubInfo[m[1]])

TCFSInit == /\ C2SMsgQ = [Cli \in SRVLET |-> <<>>]
        /\ S2CMsgQ = [Cli \in SRVLET |-> <<>>] 
        /\ DataChannel = [Cli \in SRVLET |-> [idx \in SRVLET |-> <<>> ]]
        /\ CliState = [Cli \in SRVLET |-> "PowerOn"]
        /\ CliRegState = [Cli \in SRVLET |-> "offline"]


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