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[tlaplus] tlatex fragments and beamer presentations

Dear All,

I'm preparing some beamer slides to summarize some of Leslies video
lectures and it seems there is a conflict between tlatex and
beamer. Apparently \. is defined in both and running latex on the
resulting file will end with

Runaway argument?
! File ended while scanning use of \next.

I intend to use prepare more beamer slides that will involve TLA+ and
would welcome advice on how others deal with this combination.

Here is a simplified example


\begin{frame}{Slide title}
IF pc = "start" THEN 
   i' \in 0..1000 /\
   pc' = "middle"
ELSE IF pc = "middle" THEN
   i' = i + 1 /\
   pc' = "done"
\@x{ {\IF} pc \.{=}\@w{start} \.{\THEN}}%
\@x{\@s{13.31} i \.{'}\@s{5.25} \.{\in} 0 \.{\dotdot} 1000 \.{\land}}%
\@x{\@s{13.31} pc \.{'} \.{=}\@w{middle}}%
\@x{ \.{\ELSE} {\IF} pc \.{=}\@w{middle} \.{\THEN}}%
\@x{\@s{12.29} i \.{'} \.{=} i \.{+} 1 \.{\land}}%
\@x{\@s{12.29} pc \.{'} \.{=}\@w{done}}%
\@x{ \.{\ELSE} {\FALSE}}%

Best regards,


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