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[tlaplus] Re: TLA+ Expressions - need clarification

Hi Jay. This is great. Python is one of my favorite languages, so this is a good resource. I will certainly go through this in some depth. Thanks!

I happened to run into the "SRC Technical Note - The Operators of TLA+" and encountered another explanation of this notation "[x \in D |-> e]"  as being TLA's equivalent to lambda expressions. Then it clicked for me a little more as this being a function generator.

In TLA+:
f = [x \in Nat |-> x^2 ]

In Python:
f = lamba x: x**2

I liked your take on that as well using a list comprehension. function == array mapping makes sense, but tough to break out of the programming mindset. Even Lamport seems to mix and match terms like "array _expression_" with "function" in his videos. I'm not yet able to "translate" synonymous terminology on the fly :)

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