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[tlaplus] Re: Reusing Specs

Hi Rodrigo,

It sounds like you are doing exactly what I advised.  I never said not
to reuse specs that have already been written.  It's rare that one can
reuse an existing spec without modifying it; I'm delighted that you
were able to do that with my Voting spec.  Perhaps that will become
more common when more algorithm designers write precise specifications
of their algorithms.

A spec is written for a purpose, and a good spec is one that serves
its purpose well.  It appears that the purpose of your spec required
certain modules to be reused for describing a particular class of
algorithms.  And you understood that, as I wrote, copy/paste/modify is
a fine way of reusing a module.

What I tried to say in my note is that, when writing a spec, one
shouldn't worry about whether the spec might be used again for some
unknown purpose.


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