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[tlaplus] INSTANCE into a collection


Assuming that I have a Channel defined like below:

-------------------------- MODULE Channel -----------------------------

EXTENDS Naturals, Sequences


TypeInvariant == chan \in Seq(Msg)

Init == chan = New

Ready == Len(chan) > 0

Send(msg) == chan' = Append(chan, msg)

Receive == chan' = Tail(chan)


Is it possible to INSTANCE it into a collection of channels,
perhaps like this:

Channels(p) == INSTANCE Channel WITH chan <- channels[p]


I am experimenting with the code below...
I see no way to initialize channels variable using Channels(p)!Init and Channels(p)!Send(...) probably won't work because it only sets channels[p]' not the whole channels' variable.

I feel that it is impossible, but I don't exactly understand why.
Can you explain me what in TLA disallows that ?

My experiments:

-------------------------------- MODULE TlaSandbox --------------------------------

EXTENDS Naturals, Sequences

VARIABLE channels

Player == {"p1", "p2"}
Msg == {"a", "b"}

Channels(p) == INSTANCE Channel WITH chan <- channels[p]  

Init ==
    /\  channels = [p \in Player |-> <<>>]  \* TODO: Can't use Channels(p)!Init

PlayerSend(self) ==
    /\  ~Channels(self)!Ready
    /\  Channels(self)!Send("a")

PlayerReceive(self) ==
    /\  Channels(self)!Ready
    /\  Channels(self)!Receive

Next ==
    \E p \in Player:
        \/  PlayerSend(p)
        \/  PlayerReceive(p)



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