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[tlaplus] Applicability of TLA+ to the design of electronic circuits and systems?

Hello everyone,

Hypothetically, lets assume that I am designing a circuitry to control a fuel solenoid in a commercial airliner. The circuit takes a number of analog and digital inputs (1 or 0), processes them, and then controls an electric motor which actuates the valve to open or close.

At a high level the system is organized as different functional blocks with inputs , outputs, and a certain defined behavior. Unlike a typical computer program each of the blocks is "asynchronous." Different blocks are connected together to get a certain behavior from the system.

My goal is to show that the functional blocks work together to produce a deterministic well defined behavior. (eg. it opens when commanded to open, closes when commanded to close, etc.)

For reference some inputs/outputs are digital (false=0, or true=1) and others are analog (eg. 0.0 to 1.2345). 

I have two questions:
* Can TLA+ represent "analog" and "digital" signals? (eg. an amplifier with a gain of 2 would take and input of 1.1 and output 2.2, or a digital AND gate would take two 0 or 1 digital inputs and produce a single 0 or 1 digital output)
* Is TLA+ a suitable tool to analyze an "asynchronous" analog/digital system similar to what I have described?

Thanks Everyone,
-Jason White

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